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Laser Vision Correction has a long history of success and improvements have been made over the years. At present,...

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Is Eyewear Needed for COVID Protection?

The short answer is “No”. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has no recommendation for the use of eyewear in...

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Most medical fields deal with their share of common myths, including ophthalmology. When it comes to Laser Vision Correction...

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Overcoming the Fear of LASIK

One of the main roadblocks keeping people from enjoying the benefits of laser vision correction is FEAR. Like President...

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Association Between Cataract Surgery and Dementia

Dementia and the development of cataractous lens changes are both common diseases associated with aging. Dementia affects nearly 50...

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Vuity to Improve Near Vision in People Over 40

Vuity is a recent FDA-approved topical eye medication to temporarily improve near and intermediate uncorrected vision in 40 and...

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Botox in Ophthalmology

It is not widely remembered, but Botox® was originally developed in ophthalmology to treat a neurological disease caused by essential...

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Acrysof® IQ Vivity Intraocular Lens

Cataract surgery is performed over 4 million times a year in the United States. Nearly everyone will need to...

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Contoura® Vision – Topographic Guided LASIK Treatments for Nearsightedness & Astigmatism

Five years ago, Alcon Laboratories Inc released the Contoura® upgrade using the Wave-light EX500 Excimer laser. Since that time,...

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PanOptix – Trifocal Intraocular Lens

As people age, blurry vision because of cloudiness in the natural lens is extremely common. As the natural lens...

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