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The three main types of laser vision correction are LASIK, LASEK, and PRK. Each procedure offers its own benefits. LASIK is the most popular refractive surgery performed today, however, there are a number of reasons such as corneal distortions or thin corneas that make LASEK or PRK the optimal choice.

Dr. Carlson will review your medical history and vision conditions at the consultation, then advise you of your candidacy, surgical options and his recommendation of the best approach for you. Our entire Claris team can help explain vision correction options and possible complications so you’re comfortable with your choice. The consultation is free, so we encourage you to schedule a visit and learn what is possible for you!

In this procedure, a flap of superficial corneal tissue is created with a femtosecond laser. This flap is then raised and treatment is applied using an excimer laser. After treatment, the flap is returned to its original position.

In this procedure, a thin flap of corneal cells are rolled back but not totally removed. Treatment is applied using an excimer laser. After treatment, the cells are replaced on the surface of the cornea.

This procedure involves completely removing a portion of the corneal cells then applying the laser treatment. A new epithelial layer grows back within 5 days.

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